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Helping St. Louisans Take Care of Business

You have built your dream into a thriving organization. You’re engrossed in day-to-day tasks plus the long-term vision for your company. But how do you protect your investment? How do you keep everything flowing smoothly on your campus?

Is someone monitoring the entry and exit points of your buildings? Do you have someone checking through the night to ensure your property remains secure? And who is watching to keep company assets properly stored and the building safe from hidden hazards?

You’ve spent a lifetime building your company. You take care of business. Let Knighthawk Security protect it.

How We Tailor Our Services to Your Situation

Knighthawk Security Services is a privately owned and operated security firm based in St. Louis. As a company focused on one thing—officer-based security—we can assess your security needs and tailor our services to your business like a well-made suit.

We’re committed to providing quality, professional security solutions personalized to your business’ needs. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations through mutual trust and respect, as well as efficiency and service.

As a staff, we conduct ourselves with integrity in all aspects of our mission with an emphasis on quality, professionalism, and service.

We believe we can improve the safety and security of the companies, organizations, and communities we serve by working together.

Our officers are professionally trained, most with military, police, or corrections backgrounds. We excel at catching and eliminating threats you didn’t even know were there. Our officers will:

  • Ensure credentials for access to your campus
  • Protect restricted areas
  • Monitor the safety of your campus
  • Deter criminal activity
  • Protect the assets you value most

We will design a plan for you that works on an as-needed, part-time, or full-time basis. Our officers can:

  • Patrol your premises
  • Provide thorough documentation through detailed daily logs and incident reports
  • Look for fire hazards, water leaks, and other potential safety hazards
  • Continually assess your facility (and the people who come and go from it) for possible risks

We will supply a security officer for you based on your situation and comfort level:

  • Unarmed Security Officers
  • Less-than-Lethal Unarmed Security Officers
  • Armed Security Officers

We take care of the little things you never notice, catching what slips through the cracks so you can concentrate on the big picture.

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Let Knighthawk Security Services give you peace of mind by protecting what you value most.


Greater St. Louis Area Officer-Based Security Services

We combine the following services and tailor them to your situation, budget, and unique business goals:

Access Monitoring

  • We control entry and exit points
  • Our security pros will monitor your properties over CCTV cameras if you have them
  • We provide someone who watches who’s coming in, who’s going out, and what comes and goes with them

Secure Your Buildings

  • Our officers can patrol your campus at any time, day or night
  • We consistently assess your properties for potential hazards
  • We supply officers to monitor restricted areas

Secure Company Assets:

  • We provide walking and vehicle-based patrols during off-hours to ensure your security
  • We assess and help you mitigate the hidden threats of water leakage, covert entry, fire hazards, and other hidden dangers
  • We make sure your most valuable equipment is safe and out of harm’s way

Protect Your Top Assets

You focus on growth and profitability. We focus on protecting what you’ve built.

If this sounds like what you need to thrive into the future, reach out today for a free assessment. Together, we’ll work to create a plan that fits your business and situation. Let’s make your life easier — and business safer — together.

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