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Your Office Should be a Safe Space

Most of us like to think our workplace is inherently safe. We come and go from office spaces, rarely considering what could go wrong.

That’s a good thing. People should feel safe.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, you need someone on your side who knows how to think about the unthinkable. It’s not just worst-case scenarios like active shooters or break-ins. It could be something as simple as a coffee pot no one remembered to turn off. Or a sensitive document left on a desk.

Small oversights can lead to massive problems.

The officers who work with Knighthawk Security Services don’t like to leave anything to chance. Our presence makes any office feel like a genuinely safe space.

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"Knighthawk officers are professional, dependable, and connected to their environment while exhibiting  competence and accountability. Their flexibility and adaptability are especially important in a government setting."

Blanche K. – Government/Facilities and Courts

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Officer-Based Security Services for Office Spaces

Knighthawk Security Services provides onsite officers who look out for your people, assets, and property. Whether we station our officer at a front desk or on patrol, we watch out for anything that might go wrong and take appropriate steps to fix the problem.

And most of what can go wrong — a leaky fire suppression system, a space heater left on, or a first aid emergency — isn’t malicious. But we’re there to make sure small problems stay manageable. We want your business to remain efficient, profitable, and as risk-free as possible.

But when someone acts out of anger or with intent to harm, you need someone on your premises who knows how to take action. Then, mundane as it may seem, you need a person who can calmly and thoroughly document every incident. We provide what you need to protect yourself from liability.

Does your office need the reassurance of a Knighthawk Security pro to keep your space safe?

How Offices Can Leverage Knighthawk’s Officers

  • Security presence in the lobby
  • A uniformed presence to make the first impression
  • Interior and exterior patrols
  • Employee theft protection
  • Physical asset protection
  • Fire suppression system checks
  • Security camera monitoring
  • Physical risk assessment and management
  • Thorough reporting and documentation
  • Observe, report and intervene as necessary
  • Potential insurance premium discounts
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Rest Easy and Take Care of Business

You’re the pro at building your business. We are the pros who protect it. Let Knighthawk Security Services watch over your business so you can focus on taking care of business.